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In-depth, insightful readings with compassion, for guidance in your life.

When you are at a crossroads it can be really helpful to get some clarity from the tarot. I offer readings to help bring you that peace of mind and bring another perspective to your life. We can use the tarot to shed light on areas such as relationships, work or deeper spiritual path questions.

Readings are available by phone or online.

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Tarot Readings

Email Readings

I currently offer emailed video readings. The way this works is that you send me your question and I link with my guides to receive messages as I go through the reading. I used to be sceptical about how readings could be performed without the person being in the same room, but it actually works very well. The information sometimes is even more precise. I have different packages available in the shop.

 Phone Readings

For these just make your purchase and I will get in touch to arrange a convenient time with you to make the call and provide you with my phone number.

 1:1 Skype Readings

After you have made your purchase, I will email you to arrange a time for the reading and give you my skype name for you to call me online.


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Gemma gave me a beautiful and insightful reading which helped me to connect with my true self and to see my path more clearly. Gemma’s warm and genuine nature only served to enhance the process making it truly special and helpful. Thank you so much, Gemma X


Gemma has read tarot cards for me many times with lots of her. Readings reflecting my current hurdles and making accurate future predictions. She’s very personable and professional. It’s always a pleasure to get a reading done by her.


Gemma is a highly intuitive and skilled reader, she delivers arrows of truth with deep compassion and care. I always feel empowered after having a reading with Gemma, she has a natural gift that fills you with confidence. She is open, honest and gifted. I would highly recommend Gemma!