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About me

I have had a thirst for esoteric information and understanding going back to around about fourteen years old when I first wandered into a local psychic fair. It was then I felt a real calling to learn and experience all about crystals, tarot, and all things mystical. I have often felt pulled in different directions with my career choices and chose to study Fine Art at University when I was 19, even though another great love of mine was singing. My quiet love of the tarot grew further in my early twenties and I developed a keen interest in psychic and medium readings. The tarot at this time was something that I kept to myself and those that I trusted, as it was never considered to be a ‘stable’ career choice. I chose to train as a school-teacher in my mid-twenties as I didn’t believe that I could follow my dreams. However, I couldn’t let the tarot and my esoteric side go and I found myself booking courses at the college of Psychic Studies in London and continuing to learn the cards. Alongside my career I began to learn about crystals and reiki healing, deepening my passion and skill with reading the cards.

During my early 30s, I realised that I was not living a life that I chose for myself, so I left teaching and a marriage. It was a very difficult transition, but it was the best thing I could have ever done. I began to follow my passions and became a professional singer and a tarot reader. I have learned that the only person that holds us back is ourselves and it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Tarot has helped me in my life to stay true to my path and trust in myself. It has helped to guide my life and many of those around me. I have found the cards inspiring in that they always tell the truth. The power of the cards, of course, lies in the questions we ask them and how I navigate the information. Our higher selves are the masters of our life plan if we can learn to listen and to trust. I am also a developing medium and do receive messages from spirit when I am reading the tarot. I tend to find when clients are open-minded and relaxed is when I link to spirit more powerfully. This might appear as an image in my mind or a name for example and this can develop into a detailed description of a loved one who has passed over.

It is important to me not to expect the tarot to deliver our futures. The cards can only foresee the future from the moment in time that the cards were read. It is up to us to follow our intuition to guide us, the tarot can be a reassuring hug, or it can be a wakeup call to show us where to make changes. Either way, the tarot can be very empowering if we don’t attach to the ‘when’ things will happen this is because linear time is an illusion that can disempower us if we wait for the predictions to appear. I believe we are the ones who hold the power in our lives, and we can give this away if we don’t trust ourselves. The tarot can help us to shine a light on areas for self-love, self-improvement, reassurance, empowerment, and hope.

I look forward to hearing from you.