Review of Gemma Frost Tarot Reading and Spiritual Reading by David Bottomley

I was most impressed with the authenticity of Gemma Frost’s Tarot reading. It’s by no means a straightforward ordinary interpretation of selected cards. What is truly fascinating to watch is her natural facility to decode the series of images and visions she receives direct from the spiritual world, which she then has to translate to you in order for it to make sense and relevance in your life.

I have had tarot readings done before but not quite in this revealing way. Although I couldn’t see the cards as she was shuffling and turning them before her, I could see her trying to work out the interpretation as certain key cards were revealed. She then held up the important cards to the screen to show me as they were revealed.

Gemma established which areas of life I wanted to look into, health, career, love,
and home.

She started with strong images of places, asking questions about travel and the importance of various counties and then people’s names. Some had no immediate relevance to me and as she explained there is not time as we know it in the spirit realm- so the question could be how far off such information might be to take on later significance.

Career was fascinating and she spent a long time trying to help solve a question over a recent relationship, using Lover’s Oracle cards.

I always feel it is something of a privilege to be the recipient of a tarot reading. An insight into one’s life beyond our control via the interpretation of cards that have appeared to show you your journey.

Where Gemma scores in her care she takes to describe and make sense of the images that come through during the reading and to help you to understand their relevance.

After the tarot, she continued with other decks of cards to give an even richer insight.

Angel Oracle and Archangel Oracle cards revealed the names of various angels to call upon for help in life. Also, Mystical Shaman Oracle cards with some lovely words that she quoted at length which chimed with me.

After Gemma got a strong image of a cherub and asked if I had anything in the house like that? When I showed her a cherub-like head from a trinket box once owned by my grandmother she got a mental picture of her – then names started coming – which didn’t make immediate sense to me. She said I needed to research my Father ‘s side of the family for some important information to be revealed. My ancestors want me to do the research as there’s a lesson to learn in there, which I
found most intriguing.

This led to a stream of images and associations that Gemma couldn’t stop from forming and it was most interesting to observe what was being communicated from the other side in the spiritual realm.

I wholeheartedly recommend you trust your tarot and other readings to Gemma as you will go on quite a journey and be enlightened and heartened by your experience.

David Bottomly, London July 2020

Gemma is a highly intuitive and gifted reader. I’ve had many sessions with her over the years and each time I am left with a sense of being fully seen without judgement. Gemma has a unique way of using her multiple psychic gifts to create readings that really feel like a holistic experience. The cards guide her but she’s never afraid to question or clarify anything that doesn’t resonate for me, often using her clairvoyant/clairaudient abilities to explore areas further. This makes the readings feel so personal and unique. Gemma’s readings are always honest and compassionate. She is able to deliver uncomfortable truth in a helpful and supportive way. Unlike some readers, she is not afraid to challenge any unhealthy led desire for specific answers or details. The information she shares is always in support of our higher good. Gemmas doesn’t share anything that you can’t handle but believes in giving you the full picture. This personally gives me more confidence in her work. Knowing that when specific information (like names or images) come up I trust that they are the real deal. I’ve experienced many ahah! moments after her readings and delayed revelations linking details that initially seemed irrelevant in the first hearing. I believe Gemmas has a really special gift and I’d highly recommend her readings to everyone.
Jo, London August 2020

Gemma gave me a beautiful and insightful reading which helped me to connect with my true self and to see my path more clearly. Gemma’s warm and genuine nature only served to enhance the process making it truly special and helpful. Thank you so much, Gemma X
Izzy, Surrey April 2020

Gemma has read tarot cards for me many times with lots of her. Readings reflecting my current hurdles and making accurate future predictions. She’s very personable and professional. It’s always a pleasure to get a reading done by her.
Hayley, Buckinghamshire July 2020

I have never had a reading done before and didn’t know what to expect, but Gemma gave me an amazing experience. The reading was so deep and insightful, it gave me lots to think about. I felt that Gemma understood me on a deep level and focused on multiple, different areas within my life. I felt so connected and engrossed within the reading I didn’t notice how quickly the time went by. `I highly recommend Gemma. She is an incredible reader and will give you a true, honest, positive and insightful reding with plenty to take away from. I surely did. Thank you, Gemma.
Sobz, West Yorkshire

Gemma is a very special person to connect with, always being honest with her delivery and giving her gifts to help which has been a very difficult time during lockdown. She is inspiring and very knowledgeable when reading her tarot cards. You’re a very special lady.
Pat, Middlesborough July 2020

Absolutely love getting a reading from Gemma. Have had several and every time they give me goosebumps and are so true and relatable. Gemma is so lovely too. Highly recommend x
Neave,  August 2022

I have been blessed to have had quite a few sessions with Gemma. And each time I have received a clear reading and uplifting messages 🙂 Gemma is so well connected with both the knowledge of the cards as well as Spirits’ guidance. Thank you Gemma for your compassionate readings.

Ada, Croatia, September 2022